Who attends

North Africa Health will welcome 5,000 attendees from across the healthcare sector from over 22 countries.

Here are the top attending professionals that will make your visit to North Africa Health more valuable:

Dealers & Distributors

North Africa Health provides a beneficial experience for all dealer and distributor job functions – from senior management of larger organisations that are looking to connect with key industry players, sales and business development professionals tasked with expanding their product portfolios and entrepreneurs hoping to source the next ‘big product’ to supply in their country. With 20 manufacturing countries to choose from, choice is one thing that is not lacking when it comes to business opportunities at North Africa Health.

Healthcare Professionals

As a leader in the healthcare industry that emphasises the importance of innovation, North Africa Health ensures that several avenues are available through the show for healthcare professionals to develop themselves. Not only does the event provide insights into the advancements of the healthcare industry through the exhibition, but dedicated CME-accredited conferences and hands-on-training workshops provide the opportunity for growth in multiple fields and disciplinaries. 

Purchasing & Procurement

Professionals who are tasked with purchasing and procurement responsibilities for healthcare facilities, educational providers and medical specialty associations use North Africa Health as a way of starting each new year efficiently. Using the show as an opportunity to get ahead of the upcoming year’s product needs, they scope the full variety of options available and then have detailed discussions with attending key influencers from manufacturing companies to secure the best deals.

Government Officials

High profile government officials are among the attendees at North Africa Health 2020 to highlight government strategies and upcoming initiatives. This will be a perfect platform to conduct face-to-face meeting and gaining in depth the future of Healthcare in Egypt and surrounding North African countries.